altCode of Business Ethics & Conductsalt

For more than 15 years, Gulf Union Insurance and Reinsurance Company BSC(c) has remained dedicated to earning and maintaining the trust of the people it serves. This unswerving commitment has created for our company an enviable reputation that helps us succeed in the marketplace. Our customers know our brand and what it represents. They know that our company is worthy of their trust.

That is important because Gulf Union Insurance is in the trust business. Yes, we market motor, health, and property insurance products and services, but we cannot possibly succeed unless we maintain our reputation and continue to earn the trust of consumers, employers, providers, regulators, bankers, and vendors.

It takes a great deal of time and effort to reach the level of trust that our company enjoys today. But trust and reputation are fragile. They can be destroyed practically overnight. All too frequently, the newspaper headlines remind us of just how quickly a company’s reputation can be severely damaged. These tragic situations teach us how important it is for a company to instill in its workforce at all levels a deep sense of responsibility for decisions and actions and how important it is for us not to become complacent about compliance.

Our Compliance Program and the commitment that our employees makes to follow the Code of Business Ethics and Conduct and to take personal responsibility for their decisions and actions strengthen Gulf Union Insurance’s trustworthiness and enhance Gulf Union Insurance’s reputation.

The Code provides with a guide to many situations that you might encounter in day-to-day business, but it cannot possibly address every situation in which you may be required to make an ethical decision. That is why it is also important for you to understand and have the ability to put into action Gulf Union Insurance’s core values of integrity, responsibility, mutual respect, and corporate citizenship.

The Board of Directors has adopted a written code of business ethics and conducts for the company. Signed conflict of disclosure statements are obtained from all the Directors and managers and other approved persons in compliance with the code.

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