We cover under this
  1. Engines and propelling equipment
  2. Boat or vessel hull or body
  3. Added accessories and navigation equipment
  4. Liability for causing damage or loss to third party lives and property.
The Yacht & Pleasure craft policy is a multi-section insurance policy. It protects your boat and your liability to the other people, including passengers in your boat


This is a summary of the insurance provided for pleasure craft by Gulf Union . It does not contain the full policy terms and conditions.You can find full details of the cover provided, including definitions, terms and conditions in the policy booklet.
It is important that you read the policy booklet carefully when you get it. These terms have been provided exclusively from a facility negotiated by us specifically for our clients and which we believe are the most suited to your needs. The insurer for all sections of this policy is stated on the insurance certificate.

altType of insurance and coveralt

Your Pleasure craft policy is a multi-section insurance policy. It protects your boat and your liability to the other people, including passengers in your boat.
The insurance protection applies while your boat is in commission or while it is laid up, provided you use within the cruising limits you have chosen.
Loss or damage

Your policy insures The Vessel up to the vessel value as set out in the Certificate against all risks of physical loss or damage arising from any accidental cause including theft, latent defect or the negligent or malicious act of any person subject to the policy exclusions and terms and conditions. Significant features and benefits

You are insured for  
  1. Outboard motors are insured if they drop off or fall overboard.
  2. Sailing dinghies are insured while you are racing.
  3. Towing your boat behind your car provided your boat is no more than 28 feet in length.
  4. Damage to underwater machinery on your boat (your standard policy excess is doubled).
  5. Salvage charges necessary to save your boat from a loss.
  6. Sighting costs after a stranding
  7. Loss or damage caused by an authority trying to reduce or stop a pollution threat.

altSignificant or unusual exclusions or limitationsalt

You are not insured for: –

  • Wear and tear, corrosion, loss of value because of age and use; or loss of value of your boat after it has been repaired.
  • Theft of outbound motors unless they are secured to your boat with an outboard motor lock, or stolen from a locked building ashore.
  • Theft of your trailer unless the trailer is secured with an antitheft device.
  • This policy excludes damage caused as a result of the Insured Vessel(s) including inboard and outboard engine(s) not being winterized as per manufacturer’s specification.
  • Theft of or loss or damage to personal belongings, or special equipment (unless they are specified in your policy schedule),stores, moorings, fishing gear, diving equipment, wet suits, tow ropes, water skis, or similar equipment or any personal expenses you pay as a result of loss or damage to your boat.
  • Towing your boat behind your car if your boat is more than 28 feet in length. For boats over 28 feet, you are covered for inland transits by road of no more than 16.1 KM (10 statute miles) conducted by a professional haulier. If the transit is over a longer distance then this should fall under the haulier’s insurance. However you must query with them before arranging transport.
  • Loss of or damage to masts, spars and fittings, sails and standing or running rigging while you are racing your boat (unless we agree). This does not apply to sailing dinghies.

The excess shown in your policy schedule (except if your boat is a total loss). In the event that your vessel suffers underwater machinery damage and where Endorsement 15 appears on your policy, your excess is doubled for these instances. We will not pay more than the value shown in your policy schedule for your boat or any specified item. Liabilities to third parties and passengers. Subject to the exceptions and qualifications set out in Sections 8 and 9. We will insure You and anyone in control of The Vessel with Your permission against liabilities incurred to third parties as a result of the ownership or control of the Vessel up to the amount of the Third Party Liability limit in the schedule.

altSignificant features and benefitsalt

You are insured as owner of your boat for: –

  • Death or injury caused to passengers in your boat, or to other people.
  • Damage you cause to any other property.
  • Raising or attempted raising, removing or destroying the wreck of your boat, or if you fail to remove or destroy it.
  • Other people using your boat with your permission.
  • The legal costs incurred with our consent in defending or prosecuting any legal proceedings arising out of or in connection with an event giving rise to liabilities covered under the policy.
  • Your policy excess does not apply to claims under this section.
  • The maximum amount we will pay is shown in your policy schedule, plus legal fees.
  • Significant or unusual exclusions or limitations.

You are not insured for liability arising from: –

  • Or to anyone you employ.
  • Or to an employee of anyone using your boat.
  • Or to fare paying passengers. (unless specified and agreed)
  • Or to water skiers (unless we agree), par ascenders or divers.
  • Liability to third parties arising from accidents while your boat is in transit by road or while your trailer is attached to a road vehicle (your motor insurers will insure this).
  • Accidents while your boat is in transit by rail, air, ferry or sea.
  • The Employers Liability Acts or any other law relating to workmen.
  • Any person employed in the marine trade who uses your boat.

altPersonal Accident & Medical Coveralt

Significant features and benefits

You are insured for accidental death or injury (loss of limb, loss of sight, permanent total disablement) while you are on your boat, or getting on or off it. This Insurance covers You, Your family and persons whilst aboard the Vessel (including whilst embarking or disembarking from her) with Your permission subject to the limitations of the policy.

  • A benefit will be paid for death of loss of limbs or sight; or permanent total disablement.
  • This Insurance will provide reimbursement up to a limit of € 500 any one event in respect of any medical expenses incurred by.

You, Your family, and/or crew for the treatment of personal injuries caused by the Vessel sinking, or being in collision with another vessel or external object, or being on fire.

Significant or unusual exclusions or limitations

You are not insured for death or disablement

  • That happens more than 12 months after the date the injury was sustained.
  • While the boat is not being used for private and pleasure purposes.
  • Snorkeling, aqualung diving or other underwater sport including whilst disembarking or boarding.

altAll sectionsalt

Significant or unusual exclusions or limitations

  • Any specific exclusions or limitations shown in your policy schedule. You should refer to your policy booklet in for full details of all the exclusions that apply to all sections of your policy.
  • You are not insured for any use other than private pleasure unless it is shown in your schedule.
  • You should not use your boat outside the cruising limits shown in your policy booklet and schedule.
  • Radioactive contaminations, sonic bangs, war risks, terrorism, riot and civil commotion.
  • You are not insured to use your boat as a houseboat (unless we agree).

You must comply with the conditions of the policy explained in Section 9- General policy conditions for the insurance cover to apply. These include your duty to take reasonable steps to protect your insured property from loss or damage and keep your boat in a seaworthy condition.

Optional extensions

You are not insured for death or disablement

  1. Third party only cover – if you choose this type of cover, Sections LOSS AND DAMAGE and PERSONAL ACCIDENT of the policy will not apply.
  2. Water skier’s liability – you can extend your policy to include legal liability to and of water skiers being towed behind your boat.
  3. Racing risks (for sailing boats only) – you can extend your policy to include insurance protection for masts, spars, sails and rigging while you are racing.

Policy period – Your policy will provide insurance for 12 months from when it starts, or as otherwise shown in your policy schedule.

altCancellation alt

You have 14 days to change your mind about this insurance. The 14 days starts from the day after the day you received your policy booklet, or the day you bought the insurance contract, whichever is the later. You will find full details of the conditions for cancelling your policy in the policy booklet.


You must report any claims to Gulf Union Bahrain immediately.

Note: Policy details given are indicative, not exhaustive. Please contact our Gulf Union Office for further detail