Public and Product Liability

General Third Party Liability policy insures accidental bodily injury to a third party caused by the Insured in course of business and accidental loss of or accidental damage to property owned by third parties caused by the Insured in course of business.

Product Liability policy insures the legal liability for claims against you raised by third parties during the period of insurance due to injury or damage caused by the use of a product made by or sold by you.

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Banker Blanket Bond and Comprehensive Crime Cover

Bankers Blanket Bond is an insurance policy for financial institutions. The policy provides cover in respect of infidelity of employees, loss of property while such property is within any of the assured’s premises or in transit, loss resulting directly from forgery or alteration, counterfeit currencies and other risks to which financial institutions are exposed.

The policy can be tailored to meet the requirements of a bank or any other financial institutions.

Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity policy insures legal liability towards third party in the event of any third party bodily injury or property damage arising from professional negligence of the insured.

The policy includes insured’s defense costs and expenses.

This policy is useful for professionals such as architects, engineers, lawyers, doctors, consultants, etc.

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Workmen compensation

WC policy insures liability under law of the Employer towards employee’s personal injury by accident or occupational disease in course of employment in the Insured’s business.

Employer’s Liability

It is a residual liability insurance which pays for the liability of the employer over and above what is payable under GOSI.

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Directors and Officers Liability

It takes care of the liability of the officers and directors of a company both in their personal and in the official capacity against their executive negligence.

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Carriers and Haulers Liability

The liability of the carrier in respect of cargo carried towards the owner is taken care of by this policy.