Gulf Union is now offering customers the opportunity to do the cashless transactions. Gulf Union, the Kingdom’s leading insurance company has started receiving payments for transactions through BenefitPay, Bahrain’s national digital wallet service.

“BenefitPay” is the National Electronic Wallet Payment System. It is a digital platform that functions as an e-wallet for instant payments through smartphones. A mobile application that can download on smartphones to either send or accept payments completely electronically, securely and immediately.

The benefits of BenefitPay to consumers

  1. Contactless payment method.
  2. Convenient and fast, no need to carry the wallet or cards anymore.
  3. Pay directly from the debit cards without the hassle of topping up accounts.
  4. Safe and Secured.
  5. Reduce usage of cash.
  6. Make payments by simply scan the QR code generated by merchants.

Gulf union being a leading insurance company seeks to provide innovative and convenient services to its customers and continues the efforts to create easy, fast, and secure payment methods for our customers.